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  • We work with or without contracts We can support you on a single call basis, or you can join our Alliance Program for preventative maintenance and support.
  • Third Party Support Are your users or clients in our area but you are not? Let us be your hands and eyes on site.
  • Extra Help Is your IT staff getting ready to do a large roll out or move, need someone to cover while they are on leave or if they need a vacation! Let us help.


  • Alliance Program

  • Wireless Networking

  • Network Monitoring

  • Hardware/Software Install

  • Centralized Virus Monitoring

  • Offsite Data backup

  • Remote Support

  • Virtual Private Networking

  • Third Party Support

  • ArTech PC has developed the Alliance Program so organizations can depend on smooth running technology that allows you to be efficient at your core business while our staff takes care of your technology. We take a proactive support approach by monitoring your network and systems to ensure day to day operations keep you moving.

  • Wireless Networking - Need your laptops and tablets to have access to network resources securely without the wires? We can deploy small office or entire site wide wireless. Allowing your guests access to internet resources while keeping them off of your private network. We can also help setup long distance wireless links for Point to Point building connections.

  • Network Monitoring - We can monitor almost anything on your network to ensure system operations stay running. Proactive monitoring allows us to see if hard drives are failing or other critical network components are having issues that can be addressed before causing serious damage or downtime.

  • Hardware/Software Install - Have new computers to rollout or new software to install? We can assist with the system planning to help ensure the software or hardware will work in your environment.

  • Centralized Virus Monitoring - We can deploy and monitor antivirus software across the network to ensure your computers are protected. Alerts are monitored by our staff to ensure proper cleaning if needed, many times without having to interrupt staff.

  • Offsite Data Backup - Backing up your data is important beyond measure. Helping with existing onsite backup as well as restore tests can be done. Setting up offsite backups are easy and ensure that if disaster destroys your building and/or equipment your data is safe in a remote location. All offsite data is encrypted with 256-Bit AES/CBC Encryption.

  • Remote Support - Most computer problems can be fixed remotely, without a technician having to be onsite. This helps you get back on track, so you don't have to wait for a technician to travel to your site.

  • Virtual Private Networking - Keeping your offices connected is important. The ability to link networks together securely over the internet allows you to easily share network resources with each other. Want HR to be able to print reports to remote users in other buildings? No problem.

  • Third Party Support - Have your own exisiting IT dept or remote support group? Do they need an extra hand rolling out a new project? We are here to help. We are more than happy to work with your existing group or staff to help them rollout changes. We can even stand in as temporary support if you have IT out on leave or vacation.