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Alliance Program

ArTech PC has developed the Alliance program so organizations can depend on smooth running technology that allows you to be efficient at your core business while our staff takes care of your technology. We take a proactive support approach by monitoring your network and systems to ensure day to day operations keep you moving.

Remote/Third Party Support

We are more than happy to work with your existing IT on projects, roll outs, or if they need onsite support.

Wireless Networking

Do you need your laptops and tablets to have access to network resources securely without the wires? We can deploy small office or entire site wide wireless. Allowing your guests access to internet resources while keeping them off of your private network. We can also help setup long distance wireless links for Point to Point building connections.

Data Backups

Backing up your data is important beyond measure. Helping with existing onsite backup as well as restore tests can be done. Setting up offsite backups are easy and ensure that if disaster destroys your building and/or equipment your data is safe in a remote location. All offsite data is encrypted with 256-Bit AES/CBC Encryption.

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